Elevating Practice: A Holistic Approach to Clinical Supervision Education Management


  • Elok Haliza IKIP Jember


Clinical supervision, Educational Supervision, Supervision Concept


The aim of this research is to discuss supervision from a management perspective. supervision will improve the quality of teaching which can also improve student achievement. Teachers play an important role by creating a positive learning environment and designing effective learning plans. However, some teachers find it difficult to change their teaching methods. Clinical supervision acts as a guide, developing teacher professionalism. It involves face-to-face sessions that analyze the teaching and learning process based on classroom observations. This literature study-based research can provide academic references regarding the concept and review of supervision in the management landscape. Frequent supervision increases teacher motivation and skill development. The principle is to collaborate openly, meeting teacher needs. Supervisors observe classes, hold meetings to get feedback and solutions, and analyze to overcome teaching difficulties. The aim is to assess and improve teachers' teaching abilities.




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