Assistance Of Tahsin Al-Qur’an New Santri At Pondok Pesantren


  • Abd. Basid Universitas Nurul Jadid Probolinggo
  • Ach. Zayyadi Universitas Nurul Jadid Probolinggo
  • Rifqatul Husna Universitas Nurul Jadid Probolinggo
  • Ferdi Asim Billah Universitas Nurul Jadid Probolinggo
  • Jamilur Roziqin Universitas Nurul Jadid Probolinggo


New Santri, Nurul Qur'an, Tahsin Al-Qur'an


The object of this service is the new santri at the Pondok Pesantren Nurul Qur'an Kraksaan Probolinggo. This service aims to assist the target institution in alleviating new santri who are less able to read the Qur’an properly and correctly, partly due to the limited number of administrators (teachers). This is due to a large number of new santri who are still weak in tahsin al-Qur’an—plus the number of teaching staff that is not balanced with the number of santri. The method used in this service is the Participatory Action Research (PAR) approach. Meanwhile, the result of this assistance is that new santri must always pay attention to the quality of their Koran recitation. This is due to two things, namely; first, the number of santri each year at the Pondok Pesantren Nurul Qur’an in Kraksaan Probolinggo and the average reading of the Qur’an tahsin is not excellent and correct; second, there is an imbalance in the quantity of teaching staff with new santri every year because there are several teaching staff who are recruiting. Through this training and mentoring, the quality of new santri’ tahsin can be improved.