PKM Graphic Design Training at MTs Sunan Ampel Kamal Kuning, Krejengan, Probolinggo


  • sukron moh Universitas Nurul Jadid


Graphic design training is an activity that aims to provide knowledge and skills to participants in order to be able to produce graphic design work well and creatively. MTs Sunan Ampel Kamal Kuning, Krejengan, Probolinggo is one of the partners who needs graphic design training to enrich learning methods in schools. The problems faced by partners are the lack of understanding of graphic design among students and the lack of access to information technology that supports graphic design learning in schools. The form of service carried out is to carry out graphic design training for three months with interactive and participatory learning methods. Activities are carried out in the form of workshops, group discussions, and individual assignments to ensure participants gain a deep understanding of graphic design theory and practice. In addition, partners are also given access to graphic design software and computer facilities in order to practice independently. The solution provided through this training is to increase students' understanding and skills in the field of graphic design.  Trainees can produce various graphic design works, such as posters, brochures, and infographics, which have good aesthetic and communication values. In addition, partners are also able to integrate graphic design learning in the learning process at school, so that students can learn in a more interesting and interactive way. The conclusion of this service is expected to have a positive impact on partners. Trainees can improve their understanding and skills in graphic design and are able to apply learning in real work. With this understanding and skills, it is hoped that participants can develop their potential further in the field of graphic design and can contribute to the school environment and society.

Keywords— Graphic Design; Mts; PKM