Utilizing Instagram To Build Image Building In Schools


  • Ela Trisna Pratiwi Akademik Politeknik Negeri Jember
  • Suhermanto Akademik Politeknik Negeri Jember


This study aims to explore the potential and benefits of using the Instagram social media platform as a tool for building image in the school environment. In this increasingly digital era, social media platforms have become an effective and popular means of communication among students, parents, teachers and the wider community. One social media platform that has high appeal is Instagram, which is known for its attractive visual features and easy social interactions. The research method used is a mixture of qualitative and quantitative research. Online surveys and in-depth interviews were conducted to collect data from various stakeholders, such as students, parents, teachers and school staff. Data from surveys and interviews were thoroughly analyzed to identify their views, preferences and experiences in using Instagram to support the school's image. The results of the study show that Instagram can be an effective tool in building image at school if it is used with the right strategy. Posts in the form of photos and videos from school activities, student achievements, and alumni success stories are the main attraction for school account followers. In addition, the interaction between the school and its followers is very important to build engagement and trust.




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